Abby Bordner“I’m on a big mission to share the information and lessons I’ve learned with parents around the world. I want ALL of US to live a life full of joy, understanding, companionship and wellness. Relationship Based Parenting is an opportunity to do this!” Abby

Personally, I am a seeker. I love to read, share, learn and teach. I am a Mother of two, and a daughter, sister, friend and partner. I live in Santa Fe, NM and I enjoy my busy life! I love to travel and create. My work life keeps me very busy and I feel honored to be invited into family’s lives to share in their joys, challenges and goals for parenting.

I have developed material for Relationship Based Parenting from many perspectives; child development, neuroscience, attachment theory, parenting skills and healthy communication. My work is based on the concept that when parents provide respectful leadership, positive self -esteem and emotional understanding, then their children can face challenges in life, make good decisions and engage is loving relationships. My style is down-to-earth, non-judgmental and practical. I help parents identify how to make positive changes in family life; not only improving children’s behavior but strengthening the relationships that hold the family together.

I also work in pregnancy education, childbirth support and postpartum adjustment to parenting. I train doulas for certification and provide families with information and guidance during all phases of family life.  I can be reached at abby@relationshipbasedparenting.com