Mean Girlz

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  1. Anthea Zarifis
    3 years ago

    Very timely thanks.Thank you so much for this Abby. It is so very helpful to be reminded to be aware of the critical voices in my head that I had thought (incorrectly) were less prominent in my life these days. I have many less critical thoughts than I used to have – but the ones that are there are really beating me down in relation to specific areas like my parenting and looking after the home.

    • Abby
      3 years ago

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Anthea. I’m glad you’ve identified that these critical thoughts are still present. One thing I’ve found as I’ve worked with many women, the “mean girlz” never really go away. We just learn to quickly identify them and re-connect to our best self so they have less control over us. Best wishes to you!