“No” Your Limits

"No" Your LimitsBy Abby Bordner

We all could probably simplify our lives a bit. Or a lot. We only have a finite number of hours in our day. A finite number of years to raise our children. Let’s face it. Time is precious. I want you to consider this question: what are some things you can let go of in the New Year? I was inspired recently by this quote, “Our life’s work is not how much we can attain, it’s actually how much we can let go of.” It made so much sense to me.

Are there things you’re doing with your time that drain you? Things that don’t meet any important need in your life? Things that don’t help you move toward a higher quality of relationships, connection, or integrity? These are the things to let go of. I spoke with a stay at home Mom recently who says her schedule gets filled with obligations, “shoulds”, and tasks that she doesn’t really want to do. She says she feels like she should say “yes” because she has a flexible schedule. But she’s also not living a life that satisfies her or makes her feel connected, invigorated, and alive.

What are you neglecting in your life by filling it with clutter? Clutter can happen in your schedule, your home and/or in your mind. Start to clear the clutter! Clear out the relationships, obligations and junk that don’t move you toward a better life. When you clear the clutter, the things that matter most become clear. What might happen if you start focusing on the things that are important? Your relationships become more loving, balance in your life is restored, your health improves, you experience more patience and joy.  Hmm… how does that sound for the New Year?

Here are a few tips to “NO” your limits:

  • Say NO to things that you don’t want to do, you don’t have to do, and things that don’t fulfill an important need for you or your family.
  • Ask for help. If you feel like a hamster on a wheel all the time, you may be forgetting to ask for help. Are there friends, family, neighbors, or church members who could help you get things done? (And do you really need to be doing SO MANY things, anyway?)
  • Delegate. Maximize your energy and efforts by doing what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Could you hire someone to do yard work? Bookkeepping? Clean your house? It will cost you some money but it is probably worth the time it saves you and the improved attitude that comes from knowing someone else is doing the things you don’t enjoy.
  • Check your attitude. Are you avoiding something else by being so busy? Maybe you need to commit to more quiet. More peace. More unstructured time. It’s okay to say NO to something else simply because it’s interrupting the quiet time you’ve planned with your family.

Cleaning up your time, energy and commitments is a great way to improve your life. Let’s hear it for a year of focus and clarity that motivates you to spend your time and energy doing things that truly matter in your life!

What can you let go of this year?

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