Two Resolutions Worth Making This Year

Two Resolutions Worth Making this YearBy Abby Bordner

Lately, I’m noticing how my mindset can determine everything. My “mindset” is the way I approach new challenges and process information. Notice your mindset. How do you respond when you have a goal that you’d really love to achieve someday. Is there a voice in your head that says, “No, I can’t do that.” Or “When I finally get enough _____ (fill in the blank – what is it for you? – time, money, sleep), then I can get what I want.”

A scarcity mindset is one that says setting and achieving goals is impossible. You can’t do it. There’s not enough time. Not enough money. You’re not strong enough. Determined enough. Scarcity thinking keeps us locked in our comfort zone, tolerating the status quo. Don’t you want more for yourself? If your mindset can create an elaborate story about how you can’t have the life you desire, then you probably have a scarcity mindset.

Do you want to know the difference between YOU and the people that are actually setting and achieving goals? Those people have a different mindset. There is a deep satisfaction in life when you set and achieve goals; people are happier, more determined, more creative and living life more fully. These people are living with the risk of failure AND are still trying anyway. Don’t you envy the person that trains for a marathon and then completes it? What about the person who commits to losing 20, 40, 60 pounds… then actually does it? Or the person who starts taking classes at the community college to further her education? Pretty awesome of them, huh? Do you wish you were setting some goals and keeping them?

Here’s my challenge for you. Notice the things you’re drawn to. Notice when you have a feeling in your body that says, “I want that!” Notice that your heart is perfectly clear sometimes about what would make you happy. Even if it doesn’t seem practical or there are many barriers in front of you. Don’t see them as a reason to quit. There will ALWAYS be reasons to quit. Start getting in touch with the things that MAY improve your life, your relationships and your contribution to the world around you (if you commit to it).

Two resolutions worth keeping this year:

1. Make new commitments.

2. Keep them.

Notice your tendencies toward commitment. Do you jump in and say, “Yes, I will do that.”? Do you try to duck out of commitments? Here’s a suggestion; make commitments.  SAY YES! Start there.  The second part of the story is once you’ve made commitments, keep them. Be a person of your word; to yourself and your loved ones. Follow through with intention and keep your commitments. Really, it makes you trustworthy and reliable. And the good news is, once you start you’ll realize it feels good. It makes you happier in your life and more likely to set more goals. Then little by little you see yourself becoming THAT person; the one who is setting goals and accomplishing them. Go for it!

What resolutions will you be making this year?  Post your comment.

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