What is This Whole “Coaching” Thing Anyway?

What is this whole "coaching" thing?By Abby Bordner

When I hear the word “coach” I think footballs and whistles,  you know. I was initially confused about what people were talking about when they had coaches for things like: business, health, relationships, writing. I was skeptical. That is, until I read that Bill Gates has 6 coaches on staff for everything from business to idea development, finance and marketing. Hmm… if a successful, smart business man (the wealthiest in the world) needs coaches, maybe I should consider this.

I am an entrepreneur. I love working for myself, developing my own ideas, setting my schedule and the freedoms that working for myself provides. I’ve had an averagely successful business for almost 10 years. Last year I had been following the blogs and posts of a wildly successful business coach. I loved her message of possibility, hope and success in business. You know what? I’ve been trying to make a business succeed, all on my own, for almost 10 years. The truth is… if you want to break through in any area of your life, into a new arena of understanding, growth and success, you need the help of someone who knows how to get there. It makes sense right?

I have been working with a business coach for a little less than a year. I’ve done things in my business I’ve never done before. I have a whole new drive and motivation to take my business to the next level. This is what a coach has done for me! The exciting thing is that there are coaches to support and help you reach any number of goals you may have.

People use therapy to understand how their pasts are creating certain circumstances in the present. We all carry with us things from our childhood, our experiences and our past that impact our current lives. It is very helpful to gain perspective in this way.

I see coaching as a step forward; it’s the support that helps us achieve our goals. A coach educates you, holds you accountable to work toward your goals, and helps you break it down, step by step. Everyone can benefit from a coach. You know, those goals you have but can’t seem to move forward with? Those things you’d like to create in your life but just can’t seem to make it happen whether it pertains to health, weight loss, business growth, writing a book, spiritual growth, better parenting, or something else.

See where this is going? I am a parent educator and coach. I used to think of creative ways I could avoid the word coach. I mean, really? Am I standing on the sidelines with a whistle? Well, kind of. I help parents identify their goals in family life; with their partner, their children, achieving balance and being a better person in all of these relationships. Now I realize, yes, in fact, I am a coach. I’m there to nudge you along, keep you focused on improving your life and guiding you toward the success that can easily be yours. With a little help.

How could a coach help you improve your life? 

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